• The Financial HUG® Girls Trip Initiative.


    Over 18 million of the UK’s 29.7 million workers didn’t take the amount of leave they were entitled to in 2022.

    Over 60% of UK workers didn’t take all of their holiday allowance.

  • Let's Fly Away!

    “Wellness is not a trend; it’s a timeless investment in yourself. Make it a lifestyle.”

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    Take the time out to rejuvenate your mind.


    Not every day is a work day!

    It's shocking when you think UK workers are the least likely to take annual leave.

    Less than 40% of UK adults took all of their annual leave allowance in 2022.

    Women are the most likely to take their holiday entitlement and not have a vacation or staycation; they tend to use their holidays for parental duties, like school holidays or sick children. No rest and all play leads to burnout and years without a proper break.

    Putting a strain on your mental health and potential for growth


    When was the last time you took a break just for you? Why not join in the fun?


    Rest and Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

    Your Financial Planning should include the things that make you happy.


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    It takes strength to shut down and stop.

    As a single mother starting my own business, taking time off and pursuing my passion for travel was challenging. However, I consciously decided to prioritise myself and added vacations to my goal-setting. Now, I prioritise taking time off and indulging in the experiences that bring me joy.


    I've solo travelled to perfect destinations ideal for quick getaways in the sun. At best, cost-effective and within close proximity to local amenities, markets, restaurants, bars, water sports, and beautiful beaches. Providing me with the perfect places to unwind, recharge and plan.


    I am inspired to share and bring more women to these life experiences to discover new places, people, and purpose. It would be my pleasure to have your company on a girls' trip, and I challenge you to disconnect and embrace the freedom of adventure.

  • 23o+ in the SUN

    Girls Trip 24 was the first of its kind for the We are Amazing Women Alliance. The group travelled to Salou, Spain for a three-night break arranged by Aleka Gutzmore. It was a reminder that wealth and well-being go side by side, and a healthy work-life balance is essential.


    The ladies enjoyed a holiday package that included flights, private transfers, and 4* luxury accommodations with spa facilities and treatments—a vision-setting session to set the theme of reflection and rejuvanation. The group enjoyed a sunny and joyful Sip and Sail catamaran 4-hour excursion on Saturday.

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    “Sisterhood is not a destination; it’s a journey.”


    The journey fosters the ties of sisterhood and the foundations of self. There's no need to feel obligated to be with others or be there for anyone but yourself while relishing the chance to take a break from your everyday routine.


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    We all possess the capacity for greatness, and sometimes, we must allow ourselves the opportunity to bring it to the surface. Rest and visualisation are powerful components of a successful life, too often put aside or underestimated.


    Together, we craft vision boards that spark your imagination and set you on a transformative journey. Focusing on the remaining six months of the year, these boards include your values and self-development, concentrating on emotions and habits that propel you toward achieving your true potential and embracing your optimal life.


    When women unite in this way, they don't just share ambitions and stories; they create a supportive community. They empower each other, providing a safe space for growth and learning from shared experiences.


    Mindset Shifts 

    Imagine the impact of taking time for yourself and experiencing a personal transformation. It's all about shifting your attitude, gaining new perspectives, and embracing a new way of life. This journey can set the stage for adopting empowering beliefs, embracing core values, and developing mental frameworks that fuel personal growth, boost well-being, and spark sharper problem-solving skills!



    Plans For More.

    Thursday 15th - Monday 19th May 2025

    Four nights / Five days


    The highly anticipated 2025 Destination and Price will be unveiled in July. We're offering an affordable seven-month payment plan. Don't miss out; register your interest for updates and preference booking.


    The package will include flights, Transfers, half-board, and a Spa. 

    The group is capped at 14 women for an intimate experience filled with self-love, laughter, and learning.