• Increase your financial confidence with Financial HUG® Life Coaching from award-winning advisor Aleka Gutzmore.

    Financial Life Coaching is something new but essential for those who want to get ahead and reach their personal goals. With 14+ million people in the UK admitting to finding financial concepts difficult to grasp, I have dedicated time to assist raise the financial capabilities of our nation.  

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  • Ready to Succeed?

    I work with individuals seeking change, exploring paths to success, and committed to positively changing their lives. With passion, I have turned my calling into a profession.

    I enjoy meeting people and learning about their past and present lives, their plans and aspirations for the future. The field I work in keeps me motivated, as no two days are the same. Each day brings a new experience and a unique situation to deal with.

    The diversity comes from the differences in lifestyles, people, backgrounds, cultures, and environments that people have adapted to, making them one-of-a-kind.


    In this list, you will find areas that can help you increase your financial confidence and guide you on your journey to financial independence.

    You can book a discovery call, download a free guide, or join an online or live masterclass.

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    A dream without a plan is just a wish!

    Download a six step guide to start planning.

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    What is financial Freedom?

    Understand the stages to Financial Freedom

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    U.K Black Business Insight

    Adapt your plan with insight & knowledge.

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    Shift your money mindset

    Three month 1-2-1 coaching to help you achieve your goals.

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    Home Ownership

    Plan your Purchase for success.

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    Generation Wealth Matters

    Wills | Trusts | Guardianship

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