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  • Let's Change the Narrative!

    Stereotypes and negative connotations can be harmful, causing a detrimental effect on your confidence, performance, and interest, often leading to anxiety and depression.


    Women have been stereotyped for years with ridiculous notions of lack of ability, potential, and intelligence. When we discuss the financial inequalities against women, the conversations are vast; we touch on the intersections of discrimination, looking to understand and deconstruct subjective power and privilege.



    I believe that the power of women is feared and unrecognised due to the narrative that men are more capable. Physically, men may have a different genetic makeup than women, sometimes making them stronger, but that does not make them more significant than women. This is the narrative we are working to change and eradicate!



    Leopard print on women can suddenly grab attention and have a negative connotation, making no sense. Firstly, it is just a piece of cloth and reflective of a fun personality. Secondly, this idea is different from the intention of the 'Mountain Lion.' Known for their sleek and graceful nature.



    In recent years, women have started to push back from misogyny. Cougar is one example of the misogynistic slag of women, referring to women over forty dating, to be one seeking sexual advances from younger men.


    The argument is that real cougars are ambitious, confident, successful women who happen to be single.


    Mountain Lions

    Commonly known as the Leopard, the mountain lion was featured in early Egyptian iconography, and temples revered the domestic cat. The leopard skin was used to depict priests and royalty and was seen in the coronation of King Charles III in his robe, acceptable for some and not others.


    The skin was also found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and gracefully depicted in the imagery of Princess Nefertiabet.



    More interestingly, Sashet was the leopard-clad goddess of learning and writing, disseminating important intellectual and spiritual teachings.


    Emotional Intelligence

    It's interesting to note that SASHET is an acronym for emotional intelligence or EQ.


    Success results from multiple factors in our lives coming together and aligning to help us achieve our goals. External influences, such as our environment and social and political factors, can directly impact our ability to function and proceed as planned.



    Subsequently, resilience is key to placing ourselves in a position to achieve our goals, no matter what comes our way.


    The way we handle stress and difficult situations determines the level and speed of our success. The ability to identify, regulate, and adapt are valuable skills to master and can lead to success. The tools shared with members aim to improve all areas of well-being, including financial, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual.



    It's time to break away from the stereotypes imposed on women and, metaphorically, put on our mountain lion and climb to the top.


    Take five to centre your mind, body and soul..


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  • What does The Alliance have to offer?

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    I'm Aleka Gutzmore, founder of the We are Amazing Women Alliance and the High Tea & Higher Goals Afternoon Tea Conversations.


    Join me to empower yourself with the resources we've used at our successful events for the last ten years.

    Please join us and take part in the Mindful Monday Meditation to start your week right. Thanks for being here, and stay iNTUNED for more updates!


    Community Chat - Accountability Groups - Live Q&A - Courses are available in the VIP Membership.

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    The Alliance VIP Membership



    May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!


    Join the Tea Room community today by selecting the package that suits your needs and budget. As a member, you'll gain exclusive benefits, including gift self-help coaching downloads, discounted Masterclasses, mini High Tea Experiences, Group Accountability, Live Meet-Ups, Extended Interviews, and a Member Carousel to help you network your way to success.


    But that's not all!

    By signing up today, you'll also receive a free copy of the 'Women's Wellness' ebook.

    This is your chance to connect with like-minded individuals ready to empower and support you on your journey to success. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to take your life to the next level. Join us now!


    You can choose a package that suits your needs and affordability to join the ladies in the Tea Room. You'll be treated to gifted self-help coaching downloads.


    Discounted Masterclasses. Mini High Tea Experiences. Group Accountability, Live Meet-Ups, Extended Interviews and a Member Carasol to help you network your way to success and build each other long after the afternoon conversations have ended.



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  • Progress and Progression are not the same, but one needs the other!

    It's important to keep moving forward in life, and progress can only be made by taking steps towards our goals. Without progression, it can be difficult to achieve the things we desire. Using the GROW model, one can unlock their full potential and achieve their life goals. The path to success is paved by building a circle of success around oneself. Aim high and become the best version of yourself!

  • GrOW

    Financial HUGTM Life Coaching Package Outline - available Jan 2024

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    Financial Life Coaching works with you to develop your confidence and everyday money management skills.

    Relieving anxiety and stress associated with money - helping you build core values and principles along the way.